Daniela Cascella

My first three books in English – listed below – articulate various points of tension and of contact between the literary and the sonic.

In parallel with my ongoing Ph.D. research in the Department of Art and Design at Sheffield Hallam University (supervisory team: Dr. Sharon Kivland, Penny McCarthy, Dr. Alice Bell) I have been developing two book-length projects – as yet unpublished – in which, through encounters with the prose of Alejandra Pizarnik, Cristina Campo, Roberto Calasso, the idea of 'chimeric writing' is practised and theorised: a composite, impure form of critical writing in the lineage of the Menippean satire and the Dialogues of the Dead, shaped by conversations with literature not translated in English; by the polyphonies, artifices and concealments of a bilingual self; by the sense of speechlessness and haunting when writing of works that cannot be instantly quoted.

With time I have begun to see the three books as chapters of one book, as manifested in this performative reading I did in 2018 at LCC / University of the Arts London: